Stray Voltage Games announces development of Kip and Odosan for Nintendo Switch, XBox Consoles, and PC.

Help Kip run, jump, shoot, swim, and fly her way through the galaxy to save her kidnapped Cat Odosan in this hand-crafted platforming mashup. Explore hundreds of platforming challenges through a variety of game play types and unique worlds, all the while piecing together the mystery of who Kip and Odosan really are, and the danger they face.

  • A single player adventure with beautiful hand drawn worlds, unique enemies, and an all original music soundtrack.
  • Play as both Kip and Odosan, each with unique abilities along with a huge variety in game play, mechanics, and power ups. Levels range from standard platforming, to run n gun, chase levels, boss fights, hard core platforming, shooter, single button, staged battles, and even Metroidvania puzzle based.
  • A comic book approach to story that offers twists and turns along the way bringing depth to the game play and characters.
  • Unlock tough alternate levels and challenges. Complete with collectibles, speed/timing, and death counts.

The controls are kept simple and the game play intuitive. Explore, learn, and master as you play! Every death, every failure, brings you closer to solving the mystery, and re-uniting Kip and Odosan at last, and maybe saving the galaxy along the way!

Dig deep Kip, you are stronger than you can imagine.

Quick Facts

NameKip and Odosan
PlatformsNintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X and One, and Steam
Release DateFall 2023
DeveloperStray Voltage Games
Development TeamIndie team of 2 developers, 2 artists, and sound and original music by Village Sound.
GenreSingle Player, 2D Platformer
Game EngineMonogame with Monogame Extended
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