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Kip and Odosan

Help Kip run, jump, shoot, swim, and fly her way through the galaxy to save her kidnapped Cat Odosan in this hand-crafted platforming mashup. Explore hundreds of platforming challenges through a variety of game play types and unique worlds, all the while piecing together the mystery of who Kip and Odosan really are, and the danger they face.

Dig deep Kip, you are stronger than you can even imagine.

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Escape the Lab

The Brain-Borgs have come online and the lab wants to shut them down. Use your Brain and your two Cyborg bodies with their different abilities to Escape the Lab, or be terminated.

A physics puzzle platformer including single and co-op play. You play as a rogue Cyborg experiment that must escape the lab. Escape the Lab was created in 1 month for the GameOff Jam sponsored by GitHub.